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We are developing our employees in extraordinary individuals by exposing them to the constant creative atmosphere and advanced technology. 



BLOW agency is the company of young, innovative people, who want to bring change and always try to take industry one step further.


We believe that good communication is the key to every successfully done job, and we especially value passionate, curious and courageous people, who are ready to make decisions to solve even the most complex problems. 


To assure our clients have the best possible service, we constantly invest in the education of our employees. We think that only well-educated employees that are pleased with their work environment can deliver successful results.  

We are a team of 11 young people, who work with a large number of external co-workers. Also, we work very successfully with related companies, therefore not thinking of them as a competition, and rather as partners and inspiration for creating better products to change the market for the better in the end. 


Whether you think you fit in the management, the creative or technical department of the company you will be a very important part of our crew.  


If you think that our agency would be a place where you can accomplish your full potential, send us your CV and cover letter, and we will contact you if any available positions come up that match your skillset.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.


Albert Einstein

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